The Thin Red Line - Movie Yoga

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM  / Jul 07, 2019

Thin Red line

"What's this war in the heart of nature? Why does nature vie with itself? The land contend with the sea? Is there an avenging power in nature? Not one power, but two?"

This two part series in our ongoing Men's circle workshops explores our personal reaction to climate change through two powerful modes. The first session involves an exploration of themes related to climate change via Movie Yoga with the movie The Thin Red Line while the second involves a facilitated conversation around climate change with Dom Reilly using the Climate for Change format. 

Movie Yoga - The Thin Red Line

Seen through the lense of the impending climate crisis, the Thin Red Line provides a visceral and transformative exploration of what is at the heart of society's complex reaction to the facts regarding climate change.  What is at the heart of our resistance, denial, sense of helplessness and hopelessness that we might feel when confronted with raw statistics regarding mass extinction, increases in CO2 in the atmosphere, temperature increases and record breaking weather events.

The Thin Red Line is a beautifully produced film that captures some of these fundamental existential questions, through the exploration of the struggle between the sacred and "man's" quest for power, the desire for connection and our experience of separation,  the tension between beauty and a basic need for survival. 

What is Movie Yoga?

Movie Yoga is an experiential approach to using our experience of watching a film as a way to help process personal psychological material. It's a system developed by Tav Sparks to help us to open to and process potentially powerful responses to film. Whether this response is personal and biographical or transpersonal, mythic and archetypal, it's an opportunity for us to come to understand ourselves better and to help us to move towards wholeness.


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85 Gillies St, Fairfield Australia, 3078



The Thin Red Line Series is a free event. However bookings are essential as we have limited spaces available.

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