Movie Yoga with Tav Sparks

Movie Yoga is an experiential approach to using our experience of watching a film as a way to help process personal psychological material.

Tav Sparks developed Movie Yoga as a way to use the themes evoked when we watch a film to allow us to open to and process potentially powerful psycho-spiritual material. 

Whether this response is personal and biographical or transpersonal, mythic and archetypal, it's an opportunity for us to come to understand ourselves better and to help us to move towards wholeness.

A little about Tav Sparks

Tav Sparks was a highly respected facilitator, author, and teacher known for his expertise in the field of Holotropic Breathwork. He dedicated his life to guiding individuals on transformative journeys of self-discovery and healing. Trained directly by the founders of Holotropic Breathwork, Stanislav and Christina Grof, Tav brought a wealth of knowledge and insights to his work. His compassionate and intuitive approach created a safe space for individuals to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness, unlocking profound insights and facilitating personal growth. Through his workshops, lectures, and writings, Tav Sparks left a lasting impact, inspiring countless individuals to embark on their own paths of inner exploration and transformation.

Introduction to Movie Yoga

The Awareness positioning system

One of the tools to use in the experience of Movie Yoga is the Awareness Positioning System - or the Yoga of the Cross.

We can't put half of the archetypes out of business. 

Movie Yoga is about embracing the full spectrum of human experience. When we push elements of human experience away from us we create separation, shadow and experience projection. In order to move towards wholeness, we need to embrace all  aspects of the self and psyche.