A new transpersonal psychology school in Melbourne

The transpersonal school of psychology synthesises the knowledge and traditions coming from modern consciousness research, psychedelic research, somatic psychotherapy, as well as Eastern, shamanic and Indigenous perspectives.

The Ox-head School of Transpersonal Psychology is pleased to announce weekly classes beginning February at Prana House in Thornbury, on Sunday afternoons.These classes will explore in-depth this relatively new transpersonal perspective and draw from a wide category of subjects and interesting models within the field, such as archetypal psychology, integral theory, and the Enneagram. 

Furthermore, equal treatment will be given to Eastern practices such as, Qigong, Advaita Vedanta (or nonduality) and Buddhist Psychology.These classes will combine both theoretical presentations and experiential exercises aimed to produce non-ordinary states with incredible heuristic potential. Such techniques include bioenergetics, trauma releasing exercises, Holotropic Breathwork and nonduality, self-enquiry. Ultimately we hope to have a class of like-minded individuals engaged in discussions and workshops with guest speakers from different branches. 

Upcoming Classes and workshops