Sherif Tawfilis

Sherif Tawfilis is a Shamanic Healer and group facilitator who trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine at the Four Winds Society directly under Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Alberto has been instrumental in bringing the wisdom of the Q'ero to the West.

Sherif's mission is to assist people in finding and expressing their authentic power in THIS world. He is uniquely able to synthesize his experience in Academic research science, Corporate Leadership and Teaching with the invisible realities of the cosmos in a way relevant to the Western mindset.

Sherif sees himself as a technician of the Sacred, assisting in dreaming a new world into being.

Sherif Tawfilis

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Holotropic Breathwork & Shamanic Despacho April 2023

Apr 22, 2023

The Andean Shamans never ask for anything from the cosmos without offering the same in return. This beautiful ceremony will engage your soul and creativity in building a mandala of offerings to call in what you need to support you on your journey. Once the despacho is completed, it will be wrapped and used to clear your field of any energies that block the manifestation of your intentions. We will then invoke the power of Mother Earth to digest these energies, as well as call in the new lines of destiny installed in the Despacho.