Sharna Hussain

I am a fully registered psychologist (BA, GradDipPsych, MAPs) and a somatic psychotherapist. I am also a teacher at the Institute of Body Psychotherapy in Brisbane having trained over a decade ago, as a practitioner of Core Energetics somatic psychotherapy. I have completed training in advanced trauma treatment techniques such as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Havening. I am also certified in Dr Stanislav Grof’s Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork training.

With a compassionate transpersonal approach, I utilise principles of Advaita (nonduality), Buddhist psychology and psychological astrology. I also assist clients through breathwork and somatic psychotherapy processes whereby unfinished business of the past can be resolved through the navigation of biographical, perinatal and transpersonal levels of experience.

Sharna Hussain

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