Joe Sciglitano

Joe works in Human Centred Design, leading a team of researchers and designers to solve complex social problems through empathy and creative experimentation.

Joe is a practitioner of Insight Meditation and has led several small meditation groups over the past few years. He also practices Raja Yoga, and Holotropic Breathwork.

Joe is interested in creating and participating in secular ritual spaces where people have an opportunity to reflect, explore and co-discover what it means to be part of a community of intimacy, respect and wisdom.

Joe’s fascination with archetypes stretches back to his childhood fascination with George Lucas’ Star Wars saga. He was inspired to take seriously the idea of story as spiritual practice after discovering that the themes and characters that sparked his boyhood imagination were, in fact, steeped in a tradition of mythological storytelling that dated back to prehistory. He is interested in seeing what happens when we explore our personal stories in this context, and discover common threads that create an interwoven experience, shedding greater light on our humanity and connectedness.

Joe is a husband and father of two boys.

Joe Sciglitano

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