Jiri Hanus

Jiri is passionate for exploration of non-ordinary state of consciousness, through ancient practices, rituals and healing modalities. Jiri is an IAKP Kambo practitioner since 2016, certified Trance Dance facilitator, OSHO Meditation facilitator and have long history with Holotropic Breathwork as participant and since 2018 as GTT facilitator student. 

Jiri is holding monthly ceremonies with Sacred Cacao & Trance Dance and Kambo circles for last 6 years in Aotearoa, and is dedicated to hold a safe and creative space for people to bring their true self to connect to and explore. 

Jiri participated in many shamanistic healing modalities and rituals in Czech Republic including Sweat Lodge, Firewalking and had undertake expeditions to Amazon to learn from master curanderos to deepen his practice.

Jiri Hanus

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