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Rewilding Man - A Journey through the elements - Fire

Fire / Soul: “Heeding the call to serve” 

Sep 08, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Passion. Purpose. Transformation.

Today, many men feel a lack of authentic purpose in their lives, out of touch with their inner sense of fire, and unaware of its flow-on effect on the world around them. And yet, some men are awakening to a longing to serve their family, community, and earth as a whole, in response to the chaos and uncertainty of living in our contemporary culture.

Cross-culturally, the element of fire has long been respected for its powerful ability to provide warmth, vision and regeneration to many forms of life. Like a raging wildfire, too much heat can be a destructive and life-taking force; too little heat, bringing coldness and darkness, and life begins to freeze and wither away.

In the first part of this Men’s series, we will explore our relationship to fire as an element, as well as one of its symbolic associations: Soul. I define Soul as the inner flame that guides us through life.

Through the use of Earth-based ritual, deep listening, music, self-enquiry, and collaborative dreaming we will explore some of the following questions: 

  • What does the element of fire represent in our lives?
  • What happens when we are both connected to, and cut-off from, our inner sense of fire? How do we experience these qualities? How does this affect life around us?
  • Why are we here on earth? What beliefs and ideas surround our sense of purpose in life as a unique individual?
  • How can we, as men, heal and transform our relationship to fire (both as a symbol of soul, and element of nature)?

About the Series

Re-wilding Man is a 4-part series dedicated to the exploration of what it means to be an authentic, wild, and spiritually connected man, living in today’s modern dominant culture.

Through the lens of the elements, we will collaboratively explore ancient, conventional, and emerging ideas to re-imagine as a community of men: how can we practically engage with the Earth and Nature to affect positive change?

This series is a part of a rolling series of Men's Circles held at Fairfield Uniting Church. They are an opportunity for Men to come together and explore important themes and ideas. They are an opportunity to sit with like minded men in a space geared towards curiosity and deep listening.

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Each session is free and runs from 7:30 - 9:30pm.


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