Rewilding Man - A Journey through the elements - Ether

Ether / Spirit: “Befriending the Divine”

Oct 06, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Connection. Trust. Mystery

With rising rates of depression, addiction and suicide amongst men, an uncomfortable question dawns on us as a collective: Why are we, as men, feeling so disconnected from life?

Whether it’s the Chinese “Tao, that is the way of nature,” the Sufi’s “Beloved,” the “Great Mystery” of Wakan Tanka of the Lakota peoples, or “The Dreaming” that Australian Aboriginals refer to – each culture that has thrived in respectful and reciprocal relationship with the universe has maintained a personal connection to a greater power that sustained their life. This heavenly, celestial, and divine force not only supported men to connect to the unseen worlds, but also provided solace in times of uncertainty and difficulty.

In the second part of this Men’s series, we will explore our relationship to ether as an element and also one of its symbolic associations: Spirit. By Spirit, I refer to the universal and mysterious guiding force that animates and organises life.

Through the use of Earth-based ritual, music, self-enquiry, deep listening and collaborative dreaming we will explore some of the following questions:

  • What is my greatest source of inspiration(s), and how does it support me through life?
  • What does spirituality mean for me?
  • What practices and activities help me to connect to a supportive source of inspiration?
  • How do I show up to my relationships and community when I feel connected to my source of inspiration? How do I change when I feel disconnected from it?

About the Series

Re-wilding Man is a 4-part series dedicated to the exploration of what it means to be an authentic, wild, and spiritually connected man, living in today’s modern dominant culture.

Through the lens of the elements, we will collaboratively explore ancient, conventional, and emerging ideas to re-imagine as a community of men: how can we practically engage with the Earth and Nature to affect positive change?

This series is a part of a rolling series of Men's Circles held at Fairfield Uniting Church. They are an opportunity for Men to come together and explore important themes and ideas. They are an opportunity to sit with like minded men in a space geared towards curiosity and deep listening.

About Alexandre Jodun


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Each session is free and runs from 7:30 - 9:30pm.


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